Monday, January 6, 2014

[REVIEW] The Body Shop Amazonian Wild Lily Shower Gel

Happy new year everyone!

Finally, I'm back to this blog since I've been soooo busy with office work. I try my best to update the other blog about my daily life and KPop world. Write on those blogs are lots of easier because I write them without thinking much, without editing photos, just write what's in my head at that time lol.

Okay theennn, I'm back because I have something to review from (thank you!). This time, it's Amazonian Wild Lily Shower Gel. First of all, I LOVE LILY! Love it that I put Lilly on this blog and plan to have a daughter named Lilly wtf.
 photo tbs1_zps9e3ccf7d.jpg
 photo tbs2_zps5898ece0.jpg
 photo tbs3_zpsd77c7c56.jpg
 photo tbs4_zps8d0eb24a.jpg

My thoughts:

- Rich foam? Not really. I use The Body Shop shampoo (forget the name), and it also can't create rich foam. Maybe because it's organic?
- Texture? Not too watery. Just as normal as another body wash.
- Scent? Has the lily scent and so relaxing. The scent stays about 3 hours in my body, it faded of course, but still can smell it.
- Moisturized? Yes.
- Hard to rinse off.

After all, it's only another body wash for me. Don't have super plus point that make it special. :)


No. Kinda expensive for 250 ml body wash. LOL

Have a nice weekend everyone! And thank you!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I Judge, People Judge


WARNING: This post is full of negativity. Go away if you don't want to hurt your positive life. If you want this post to be more positive, you can replace "i judge people by" in every sentences to "I laugh to people because of". Hope it helps. Lmao.


So admit it, we do judge people around us. I also did. I'm a positive person but sometimes people are really too much. At least I don't judge other's fertility by asking about pregnancy and act that you know me better than myself wtf. And yes, when I do, I judge people to the details.

I judge people by their attitude and the way they talk to old folks, and waitress, and taxi driver.

I judge people by their shoes, when they're going to the mall, beach, and concert.

I judge people by the shape of their (fake) eyebrows. Really. And people without real eyebrows. Also people with false eyelashes. Especially when you're wearing hijab.

I judge people by their fonts in edited Instagram photos.

I judge people by their scissors for fabric and paper, crafter wise. :)

I judge people by their opinion towards other religion. And KPop idols. And Agnes Monica. And Syahrini. *agmon and syahrini really can show one's personality btw*

I judge people on Valentine's day. When roses and chocolates suddenly become haram.

I judge people by their gold jewelry. Real gold, YELLOW gold.

I judge people who adore Nikita Willy. Enough said.

I judge people who smoke in the car. And throw trash out from their car to the road.

I judge people by their stickers. On their car. Or motorcycles.

I judge people by their tas Furla KW. And LV. And Prada. And by their KW wallet. And Adidas jacket KW. And Nike KW. And also New Balance shoes KW wtf.

I judge people by their "ngapain ke luar negeri, Indonesia juga indah". Where in Indonesia we can find Eiffel tower or original Dolly Wink eyeliner with only IDR 150k what the heck.

I judge people by their decision to use elevator even it's only 1 floor away. Of course except if you're a preggie.

I judge people by their "folbek bisa kali".

I judge people by their hijab after Dian Pelangi era. OH YES I DO.

I judge people base on my feeling and my taste. Not fair? Nothing's fair in the world anyway. :)

I will update this list. What do you judge people by?